Metamorphosis - the book for your personal change

Your path to change.

You want to change privately or professionally? The book Metamorphosis and the matching online course take you by the hand. You'll find other matching helpers in the online store. Seize the chance and develop yourself further.

6 chapters, 207 pages
Don't Be Afraid Of Change

How often have you resolved to change something?

And then, yes, somehow life got in the way. Many other things were more important. And somehow nothing changes.

Most people feel the same way you do.

We want too much at once. Have huge expectations of ourselves. But personal development is a maturing process for which there is no shortcut and which takes time and dedication. If you have the courage to change, you can draw something positive from all crises. I have been able to learn that myself.

Start your change right from the beginning. Here's everything you need.
Become a butterfly

Finally be the person you want to be.

You want to know who you really are. You long for the decisive change in your life. Here we go. It's time to explore your inner self and find your own identity within yourself.

Transform like a butterfly in metamorphosis. Live freely as the person you want to be. It is your book - it is solely for your positive transformation.

The learning tasks in the workbook will help you to put this into practice. By actively writing something yourself and not just reading it, the new information is better anchored in your brain. If you want to go one step further, you can find a variety of other inspirations in the online store to make your metamorphosis complete, e.g. mandalas, the e-book and entire packages for your successful transformation.

Get what you need to make your change!

The book accompanies the path of change. Everything is explained very simply and with good examples. One knows immediately what it is about and feels addressed. Chapter by chapter, all aspects of life and everyday life are explained. The topics are not new. But what is new is that at the end of each chapter there is a task that makes you reflect and question your own life. In doing so, you are practically forced to actively engage with your own life. Another special feature: the little pictures and quotes in the book make reading particularly enjoyable. So this is a highly recommended book that can help you to change positively - your life and also the little things in everyday life.

Butterfly Story
Start your professional or private change now!
More than a guidebook

What will be different after you have read "Metamorphosis"?

  • You will understand yourself better. The world you were born into and how you became who you are today.
  • You can decide for yourself who you want to be in the future. Regardless of what you start with.
  • You have more clarity about your goals in life, which means you can give direction to your change.
  • You didn't just read something, you co-wrote the book. This means a better, more sustainable anchoring of your change process in the brain.
  • You can always go back to the book and your personal notes, add to them and check what has happened. This makes development more comprehensible for you.

You may think to yourself, "OK, another book on change!" But many of them only offer very general advice that doesn't really help you. After all, it's about you, about your individual personality.

  • Where are you from?
  • What has shaped you?
  • What do you want to use from it?
  • What do you prefer to leave behind because it clips your wings?

"Metamorphosis" is more than just a guidebook. It is your very own book full of tips and exercises for personal development. You can write in it, scribble in it and keep it as a diary of your own transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

The book that changes lives.


Developing your personality

With this book you can develop yourself personally. I describe the personality development of us humans on the basis of the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

That means for you: Find out what has made you who you are and then the most important thing: define who you want to be in the future and who should accompany you.


Help others with their development

Something else makes this book special. It doesn't just change you. It also changes something in the lives of other people. With the purchase of this book, you are financing the development of the start-up "Lucy's Healthy Groceries" for healthy nutrition in Nairobi.

The money goes directly to where it is needed. You can trust that!

Table of contents

The Butterfly Egg

Your starting conditions - Butterflies are not born as butterflies. They have the long path of metamorphosis ahead of them. Here you get the first inspirations and ask yourself the question: what were your starting conditions for me as a butterfly egg in my life?

The Caterpillar Neverending

Your childhood - The caterpillar chapter is about examining the first two stages of your butterfly development. In the learning tasks, you ask yourself questions like "Who and what shaped my childhood and youth as a caterpillar?

Life in the doll

Your development - The best analysis of the past is of no use to you if you don't do anything with your insights about yourself and your potential afterwards. In the "puppet stage" you redevelop your life today on the basis of your past experiences: your relationship to yourself and to others, your beliefs and your calling.

The butterfly

Your unfolding - Be the butterfly you want to be. You ask and answer questions about how you can further develop yourself and help others to develop.

Readers' comments

"The dear author Jessica Turner has created something wonderful with this book. The cover alone has me totally enthralled. I love butterflies and the idea of metamorphosis. But that's how it is for us humans too, isn't it? Completely natural. Here we are guided to find ourselves, to unfold."


"This book is for everyone who is in search of individual change - and without getting lost in the depths of the past, but specifically with a view to the here and now. With the help of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly, the individual stages of one's own spiritual development are vividly explained. One finds oneself again and again and experiences some reflective "Ah yes, that's right" moments. The content does not overwhelm you, but is interesting, sympathetic and above all empathetically written. On top of that, all the proceeds of the book are donated to a good cause!"

Natalia Schneider

"Courage to change! This book not only encourages people to seize opportunities and face their fears, but also shows possible ways to change. Based on the butterfly effect, it describes how different areas of life can be optimised. Thanks to the learning tasks, readers get to know themselves even better and the book becomes a very personal guide. Good to know: With the purchase of the book, a great school project in Africa is supported."

Désirée Himbert

"This book is simply perfect for self-reflection, and it also gives you lots of tips and tricks for escaping the daily grind and finding new paths. The path of self-reflection and self-development is beautifully illustrated by the metamorphosis and the individual stages of self-development can be vividly followed. Minimal changes in behaviour can have a great impact on life. Do not renounce progress and also go new ways to possibly achieve even better results. Because only those who break new ground can achieve great things."

Sascha Dühr

"The book accompanies the path of change. Everything is explained with good examples and very simply, so that you immediately know what it is about and feel addressed. Everything is explained chapter by chapter from the beginning and in every important aspect of life. The topics are not new, but at the end of each chapter there is a task that makes you reflect and question your own life. In doing so, one is practically forced to actively engage with one's own life. The book is also embellished with small pictures and quotations, so that it is even pleasant to look at while reading. So this is a highly recommended book that can help you to change your life in a positive way. Be it only the point of view or also the behaviour or the everyday life."


"Very good book, which helps with excellent examples and exercises, to a comprehensive self-reflection. The presentation of the development through the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is catchy and serves as a perfect thread. Will definitely recommend this book!"

Horst Hagmeyer

My affair of the heart

"Metamorphosis" is omnipresent

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to be able to accompany many wonderful people in their metamorphosis.

"Everything we do has an impact on the whole world."
- Dalai Lama

Ian's metamorphosis

Breaking out of poverty and dependence on donations into a self-determined life through education.

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Start-Up Funding "Lucy's Healthy Groceries"

Improve the quality of life in slums, create jobs and strengthen the economy in Africa.

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Social projects in Nepal

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About Me

Jessica Turner

Change, movement, further development are personal life themes for me. Both professionally and privately. In my job as an agile coach, I help people and companies to accept change and use it as a source of energy. Change is also a leitmotif in my own biography. Overcoming limits, facing new challenges, that's what I live and love.

So in 2015, I went to Kenya for a year to do volunteer work. I lived with my host family in a slum near Nairobi. I worked in a day care centre with orphans and children whose parents work. Even after my time in Kenya, I always kept in touch with my host family. We spoke on the phone and took each other to heart forever. That's how I came up with the idea of writing a book and donating the proceeds.

Social commitment is close to my heart.

For me, it means dedicating myself to a good cause, showing commitment to achieve something positive and helping people who are not as well off as I am. In all the things I've done, I've learned an incredible amount about people, their circumstances and especially about myself. And as is so often the case in life, engagement is always evolving. Since the beginning of 2022, I have expanded my commitment in Kenya and am advancing my health project "Lucy's Healthy Groceries" with the local people.

"What I do, I do with heart and soul".
- Jessica Turner - Author
Author, entrepreneur and godmother for social projects

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