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Personality development

You are interested in personal development and want to develop yourself further? You want to change yourself privately or professionally - but need someone to help you in your everyday life with the decisive step? I am Jessica, author of the book on personal development "Metamorphosis" and developer of the corresponding online course. I work with you on your change!

Personality Development Coaching is about self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-transformation: it's time to explore your inner self and find your own identity within yourself. I give you methods and help you to grow beyond yourself. You define your goals, change your habits and beliefs and leave your comfort zone.

Take the chance to grow: Learn to understand yourself better, use your potential and develop yourself and your personality.

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Jessica Turner

Get out of the comfort zone

How many times have you set a goal to break your behavior patterns and get out of your comfort zone?

And then, yes, somehow life and everyday life got in the way. You are confronted with challenges on the outside, your own fears and your negative beliefs. And somehow the situation doesn't change - the desired success fails to materialize. We want too much at once and to achieve personal and professional goals and growth quickly.

Lose weight, get a better job, have a happy relationship with ourselves and others, more money. We have the feeling that our environment has huge expectations of us. But my experience says: It is we ourselves who set the expectations and goals so high that we cannot fulfill them ourselves.

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Behavioral patterns and beliefs

The brain focuses on problems - and not on joy and pleasure. The reason lies in nature: It's always about survival. The brain has to remember lurking dangers better and react to them faster than to pleasure. This principle seems simple and obvious. But do you know that you are often your own worst enemy? Most of your thoughts and beliefs take place subconsciously. What you think about yourself and others is reflected in your life without you realizing it. The more you focus your attention on your worries and problems in your life, the more the negative comes into focus and your brain focuses on it. The good things are sorted out and there is a lack of perspective and approaches to solving the problems. 

The good news is: a kind of "reprogramming" of negative experiences is possible if you have an operating manual for your brain. So if you learn to understand your brain, you can avoid conflicts in these areas and your inner self.

"Personality development is a process."

Personality development is a maturing process for which there is no shortcut and which takes time and dedication. You start the four pillars and phases of change yourself. It is a time of learning - about ourselves and others. It starts with self-knowledge!

The first pillar is the contemplation of the life you were born into and the situation of your parents at that time. In the personality development coaching "Metamorphosis" you examine your childhood - life as a caterpillar.

  • What environment were you born into and what people and opportunities did you grow up with?
  • For example, how did your relationship with your mother shape you?
  • What expectations did your father have of you and how did that affect your development.
  • What experience have you had?
  • What situations have you experienced?
  • How did your personality develop in childhood?
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When you understand where you come from and what your path in life has been so far, then comes the next step: your development! Now you come into action! The best analysis of the past is useless if you don't do anything with your knowledge about yourself, your personality and your potential.

In the "puppet stage," you go into self-transformation and redevelop your life today based on your past experiences: your relationship with yourself and others, your beliefs, and your calling.

No matter what situation you are in right now: Embrace change. If you have the courage to change, you can get something positive out of most crises. I have been able to learn this myself. I help you in your personal development and in breaking your habits and behavior patterns. Leave your comfort zone, define your goals and develop your abilities. Let's go!

Start your professional or private change right from the beginning.
Here you'll find all the exercises, methods and skills you need for your personal development.

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Unleash your potential

Finally, be the person you want to be and unleash your full potential.

Transform like a butterfly in metamorphosis. Live freely as the person you want to be. It is your life! You are in the driver's seat - and you make the decisions! 

With my book Metamorphosis you learn to fly - and with coaching you learn to keep your altitude. Personality development is a process that runs through your entire life. And in the coaching I show you how you can shape the process positively for yourself. The online course is solely for your positive change. Self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence will become your new favorite words. 

Self-awareness means: You are aware of yourself! You know your strengths and weaknesses and know that you can be relied on in difficult moments. This will strengthen your self-confidence and make you more independent from others. And thus you can overcome your fears. The more successes you celebrate for yourself, the more you trust yourself - that and that strengthens your personality.

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"As a "butterfly" you are not a new person."

It is important to me that you internalize the following: You are already a wonderful person today. "The new you" does not exist with me. Transformation and change in the human metamorphosis means something different: As a caterpillar you analyze your past and in the chrysalis you define your goals. As a butterfly you are still YOU - but you can use your skills and competences better. You know how to start changes in yourself. With this self-awareness and self-confidence, you can now help others leave their comfort zone and face challenges and problems with courage. And that, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing about it: We can all strengthen each other!

What you can expect in the online course and coaching

The online course and coaching provide you with the necessary methods and skills for your change. The learning tasks and exercises in all modules give you the opportunity to adapt the online course to your individual situation. No more blanket statements and advice on how to overcome fears and challenges! 

This coaching is about you and your personal development! There is no hocus pocus here - it's up to you! By actively working yourself, writing something and not just reading or seeing, the new information will anchor better in your brain. Step by step you change your beliefs and behavior patterns. It's about you, your goals and your personality. If you like to go one step further, you can also support the people around you in their personality development as a butterfly.

Unleash your potential! Get what you need for your change and personal development!

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