Metamorphosis in the SOS Children's Village

SOS Children's Villages founder Hermann Gmeiner, said, "Everything great in our world happens only because someone does more than they have to."

I think this is a great statement and I am happy that I can create a great added value for disadvantaged young people in Germany by "doing a little more". Maybe I am even part of their metamorphosis. I know: Helping others also brings me further. And it's so easy! You can immediately dedicate yourself to a volunteer position in an SOS Children's Village, take on a sponsorship, or support with donations.

"Helping others moves myself and those around me forward."
- Jessica Turner
People make a heart sign with their hands
New Year, New Happiness

Tension and relaxation

In 2016, I started my social commitment at the SOS Children's Village in Saarbrücken under the motto "New year, new happiness, new resolutions and sport. I put together a sports program consisting of strenuous cardiovascular workouts and intensive relaxation exercises. My goal is: to volunteer to offer disadvantaged and partially disabled young people a balance to their physically and mentally demanding training in the REHA vocational sector.

In sports, it doesn't matter where you come from or what you have. Everyone here is lovable in their own way and just right the way they are. It's important to me that everyone has fun and feels good. Especially for young people, I think the development of a positive body image is of great importance. In addition, sports activities ensure that they experience their limits and learn how to deal with them. I think it's just as important to get into a state of "relaxation" after "tension". That's what I and other trainers practice with the young people. What counts is feeling good, enjoying the exercise and themselves, being motivated and, at the end, being proud of what they have achieved.

"Children need to be able to rely on adults - no ifs, ands or buts."
- SOS Children's Village Saarbrücken
Your chance to help yourself and others into an independent life.