Social start-up with and for locals

By buying the book you are part of two long-term and sustainable changes. 1. the development of your own personality and 2. the improvement of living conditions in Africa.

Promoting conscious nutrition, offering healthy food at affordable prices, improving the quality of life in slums, creating jobs and strengthening the economy - that is the mission of this project.

"Being part of making a positive difference to lives in Africa - that excites me."
- Jessica Turner

Microloans for the development of "Lucy's Healthy Groceries".

My vision is that no person in this world should be dependent on donations. Everyone should have a chance to earn the money needed to cope with everyday life through their own work. I support the development of start-ups in Kenya with micro-loans.

In 2015, I did volunteer work in a day care centre in Kenya. I lived in a slum near Nairobi. My host mum Lucy gave everything every day to give her family and me a good life. For her, of course, I was immediately part of the family.

Lucy has her heart in the right place and impresses me every day with her strength.

Back then, she washed the neighbours' clothes every day to buy food and drink for her family. With Corona, Lucy lost her job, which provided for herself, her two children and, at the time, for me.

In 2022, together we launched the Lucy's Healthy Groceries project so that Lucy can finance her life independently and live with dignity while providing healthy food throughout the slum.

At the end of May 2022, the small grocery shop opened where Lucy sells selected groceries at affordable prices. Soon she will also be able to pay for her two sons' school fees, pay employees and bring her children to school without financial loss.

With the opening of the grocery shop "Lucy's Healthy Groceries", we are creating something good for everyone.

  • Lucy is once again able to manage the livelihood for her family herself.
  • In the slum, healthy food can be bought at affordable prices.
  • This strengthens the economy by creating jobs.

This way, other families can also manage their own livelihood and pay the school fees for their children.

This is a first, big step from poverty and dependence to butterfly metamorphosis.

We are supported by ICC GmbH - International Collaboration Company. ICC promotes the sustainable circular economy, which is a major improvement in the living conditions of German and African communities.

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"It is important that we become aware of how much of our own happiness has to do with the happiness of others. There is no individual happiness that is completely independent of that of others."
- Dalai Lama
Your chance to help yourself and others into an independent life.