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What you can expect in personality development coaching

A total of 5 modules await you in the - in principle, these are the individual stages of metamorphosis - from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. The first module is initially intended to get you in the mood - it's all about the power of change. There is nothing for you to do actively yet. You can first sit back and relax and let me "sprinkle" you and tune you into the development of your personality.

From module 2 of the personality development coaching your cooperation is then required. Learning tasks await you for each module and in addition there are also Spotify playlists - let me surprise you! 

The learning tasks and exercises are especially important! They help you to apply what you have learned to your own situation in a practical way. By actively working yourself, writing something and not just reading or seeing, the new information will anchor better in your brain. That's when it becomes tangible, that's when YOUR own personal journey of change begins - take that to heart and don't jump straight to the next chapter if you really want to get the most out of the online course for yourself.

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You have lifelong access to your online course - because personality development is a process that takes place over your entire life. So you can always return to your workbook. Personality development coaching gives you the opportunity to adjust your development speed to your individual situation. 

When you are done with all modules, you book your 1:1 online coaching with me. Here we get down to the nitty gritty: No blanket statements and advice with "you could" or "you should". This online coaching is about you, your wishes, your personality! No hocus pocus - but nevertheless we put our cards on the table: We will call a spade a spade and tackle your current challenges. I am looking forward to it!

Who is behind the personality development coaching

I am Jessica Turner, the author of "Metamorphosis" and the developer of this online course and personal development coaching. Change, movement, development are personal life themes for me. Both professionally and personally. In my job as an Agile Coach I help individuals, companies and their leaders to embrace change and use it as a source of energy. Change is also a leitmotif in my own biography. Overcoming boundaries, facing new challenges, that's what I live and love. The online course is based on my book - but offers you much more! I look forward to accompanying you in your personality development.

Let me first say "Thank you!" For placing your trust in me and wanting to tackle your change together with me. I know there are a lot of offers around the topic of development and growth on the market. And so it is not a matter of course that you choose me as your coach.

I promise you that I will handle your time and your invested money trustfully and help you to find YOUR very personal way to initiate your change project - or to get it going again. Because maybe you are already in the middle of it, but finally need a clear line to get to your goal.

By the way, it doesn't matter if your wishes are related to your professional or your private situation, e.g. if you want to start your own business, change your job or get out of a relationship. All the things that are not good for you, you can leave behind after the personality development coaching - towards satisfaction.


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