Ian's metamorphosis

I met Ian in Kenya in 2015. At that time he was still in elementary school. His mom Lucy let me stay with them. And I was able to gain experience in Kenya and its kindergartens and schools. As a thank you, I am contributing to Ian's education with the proceeds of the book. His dream is to prepare for the future. So that he too can provide his own family with a life free from poverty and dependence on donations. Dalai Lama said, "Everything we do has an impact on the whole world." And I firmly believe in that.

"Ian and Lucy showed me then how to live and manage everyday life in Kenya."
- Jessica Turner
A woman and a boy
Education is the key

Live self-determined!

I strongly believe that education leads out of slums and poverty and makes life safer for children and their families.

In 2015, I volunteered in Kenya at a day care centre with orphans and children whose parents were working. It was my dream to make a contribution to others there and to broaden my horizons. I lived there with my host family in a slum near Nairobi. My host mum Lucy gave everything every day to make a good life for her family. For her, it was a matter of course that I was part of the family from then on.

When I came home from work at a day care centre in the evening, she was waiting for me with a small meal. We talked a lot together. She showed me how she lives, how she prepares food, how she earns a living. I learned so much from her. I told her how we do it all in Germany.

Lucy was already living mostly alone at the time, with her first son, Ian in the small flat under a tin roof. At the time, she was pregnant with her second son. She took Ian to school and lovingly did his homework with him. She is a great and strong woman! Lucy did an apprenticeship after school, but still has little chance of finding a job in Kenya.

Kenya is very corrupt and few people have the opportunity to earn enough money to feed themselves and their families. Often poverty, hunger and dependence on drugs leads to violence and insecurity.

With the proceeds of the book sale "Metamorphosis" you contribute to Ian's education. Education is an important step on the way of the children and their families from famine, the threat of unemployment and the slum to a dignified life. And most important: BE INDEPENDENT WITHOUT DONATIONS!

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ICC promotes the sustainable circular economy, which is a major improvement in the living conditions of German and African communities.

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"Every child should have the chance to make their own metamorphosis and live independently - and not have to rely on donations."
- Jessica Turner
Your chance to help yourself and others into an independent life.